Friday, August 12, 2011

Simple Healthy Snacks for Busy Mommas

Here are a few of my “one handed” snack favorites.

(Some take a bit more prep-work than others, so choose what works best for you. If you have help available at times, hand them this list! If you have a chance, make a big batch ahead of time & stash it in the fridge.)

Hard-Boiled Eggs + a bit of Sea Salt (If you have an extra moment, you can mix them into egg salad.)

Homemade Fruit and/or Nut Snack Bars (Here's my favorite recipe:, I like to add extra things to it, but it is a great base recipe. I stash a couple bars in car compartments or diaper bags.

Homemade Trail Mix, with nutrient-dense nuts, dried fruit, coconut, & a bit of good dark chocolate or a savory-seasoned mixture (Buy ingredients in bulk for best cost economy; your toddler will be glad to help pour into a mixing bowl for you.)

Smoothies - Frozen berries (I will be writing a post soon on an easy way to freeze berries) or pre-diced fruit pieces are easiest, so you don’t have to chop up anything; just pour ingredients into a blender.

Natural Jerky - Dehydrate your own or purchase from your favorite local farm or meat market.

Cheese Slices/Cubes - You don’t have to buy special cheese stick packages; a regular block of mozzarella will tear into pieces just the same.
Prepared Sandwich - Prepare a sandwich or two ahead of time, cut it into quarters, and then just grab a piece from the fridge when you need a small bite to eat.

Toast + Avocado + a bit of Sea Salt (Scoop out with a spoon)

Baked Yam + a sprinkle of Walnuts, Butter, & Sea Salt or Raw Honey - For simplicity, bake it whole in a baking dish or crockpot. (Or make baked sweet potato fries. Recipe:

Cottage Cheese - Eat plain or stir in some fresh berries. (A mere 1/2 cup contains a whopping 14 grams of protein, plus good probiotics!)

What are your favorite healthy snacks?