Thursday, February 24, 2011

Children in Need....

Lately I have been following a couple of stories of children in need and I want to share them with you. Please help spread the word.

Born January 16, 2010

This beautiful, lively little boy has had so many advocates for his adoption! Many of you have seen him on adoption boards and other forums over the last many weeks and months. Reece's Rainbow is proud to seek grant donations and an experienced adoptive family for him.

Anton was born a twin…his healthy twin went home with mom, but Anton's needs were far too great for them to deal with.

From his medical records: Recessive Dystrophic Bullous Epidermolysis, with the following complications of the primary problems: Anemia; Malnutrition of the 3rddegree, Joint contractures of fingers and toes, Syndactylia (fusion) of the fingers and toes;

Accompanying diagnosis: Status Post multifactorial perinatal damage of the central nervous system. Hydrocephalus. Syndrome of increased reflectory excitability. Minor cardiac anomalies.


Potential adoptive families should either be home study approved for a child with significant medical needs, and/or have first-hand experience with EB before considering a commitment for this child.

Donnie and Karrie Cannell live in Lodi, California and have been married for 5 1/2 years. They have eight children between them (yours, mine and ours), six of which still live at home. Their children range in age from 20 years-old down to 3 years-old. Their 20 year-old daughter was born with a skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which is a rare condition that causes blistering even from the slightest amount of trauma. The blistering can also be found in the esophagus.

The Cannells first heard about Carson on EB Friends, an online community devoted to people that have EB or just care for someone that has EB. From the moment they read about him and saw his handsome little smile and big brown eyes they were instantly drawn to him. Knowing the difficulties involved with caring for someone with EB and the fact that Carson is an older child, the Cannells knew that the odds were against him being adopted. A few weeks had past and Donnie and Karrie just couldn't get Carson out of their minds. The more they talked about him the more they realized that he was meant to be their son. God had placed it on their hearts and in their minds that with the love they already felt for Carson and their experience with EB that the Cannell family was the perfect place for him to be.

The very next day Donnie and Karrie were knee-deep in phone calls and emails, gathering information on adopting Carson. Thanks to Andrea and all of the wonderful people associated with ReecesRainbow, the Cannells are on their way to bringing Carson home to his forever family. All of their children are so excited, not only to have a new brother to love, but also to be able to share in Carson's new life discoveries.

Donnie and Karrie know that with God all things are possible and they want Carson to learn of His love for us. They are anxious to get Carson home and show him the love and caring that all little boys desire and need. They want him to learn proper care for his skin disorder and to have access to the best medical facilities. EB can be crippling and even deadly if not cared for properly, but with good care and nutrition Carson will have every opportunity to grow strong and healthy. Please help them bring Carson home soon!

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world"- James 1:27


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