Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hint, Hint....

Family BBQ's are the best! I love them! Everyone is always there and we always have such a great time.
When we showed up last night at Dad's we were all standing around visiting outside. Every time we get around Aunt Kristin she goes on and on about how we need to have a baby! "We need a baby in this family" she'll say. Well, as she was going on and on she goes, "Come on Derik what are you doin'?" Derik replied by saying, "I'm trying, it's just not working!" It was so funny because it is true but no one caught on! Hopefully we will have news for her soon so her baby need will be satisfied. I think if we don't she may actually be contemplating having another one of her own she wants one so bad! LOL!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fate or Coincidence?

While on this journey to motherhood of course I needed people to talk to so I made some friends online at About 7 or 8 of us have become very close and I am so grateful that they are here in this part of my life. They have been a great help. So, yesterday was Thanksgiving and all of us were visiting our families and couldn't get on our computers to chat with each other. When I got on today I noticed there were no new posts so I decided to go snoop around on some other boards to get my baby fix.

Well, while reading one thread on babies due 8/11 - 8/21 (leo babies - when ours will be due if we get pg this month) I came to a post where a girl was talking about how she was worried because she and her mom but heads and her mom is a leo and if she has a leo she might with it. So I continued reading and this is the info she gave...

This was way weird!

Here is Derik's!

Leo and Sagittarius

When a Leo child is born to a Sagittarius parent, the result can be explosive! Both Signs are dynamic and live life to the fullest. This family is lively and exciting, with each person encouraging the other to go for the gold in everything they do. Sagittarius' philosophical bend provides a distraction to Leo's fascination with grandiose dreams and glamour. This parent endows their child with a deeper and more contemplative nature. Meanwhile, the Leo child keeps their parent youthful and playful. These relatives have genuine admiration and respect for each other. Both are charismatic and charming. Other people are drawn to them and enjoy being in the energy created by this family. Sagittarius tends to look at the world as a giant textbook open for study while Leo likes to be the center of attention. Both are interested in talking to other people, but it is important for Leo to feel that they are somehow leading the conversation. Leo is the leader, while Sagittarius is the Archer, slowly taking the time to survey their target and feel the nuances of difference in their approach. Both are respected by others, and it's important that they treat each other with due respect as well. The best aspect of the Leo-Sagittarius family relationship is its powerful teamwork when the family is dedicated to seeing a project through to its realization. These two complement each other with a combined attention to personal and world affairs. Both parent and child have their individual niche within the family but together form a charismatic team.

Here is mine!

Leo and Libra

When a Leo child is born to a Libra parent, they are a picture of cooperation. The Leo and Libra family combination are two Signs apart in the Zodiac which gives each relative an inside window into understanding the inner workings of the other. When the Lion's energy is combined with Libra's natural sense of harmony, this family achieves a great balance. Leo and Libra are flashy and refined, respectively; confrontational as opposed to peace-loving. Occasionally, the Libra parent may think that their child is being disrespectful, and words can fly, but resolution soon follows. Leo and Libra can form a very successful family relationship because each of them can appreciate and benefit from the attributes of the other. As a combination, Leo and Libra are well-balanced. Libra is charming and cultured and has good manners which offset Leo's direct and acerbic personality. The cultured Libra parent can help their Leo child to be more refined and sophisticated. On the other hand, the Leo child can school their parent in the art of spontaneity. As a team, they can achieve anything -- they have learned a perfect balance and click together like clockwork! The best aspect of the Leo-Libra family relationship is the harmony resulting from their union. The balance between self and other represented by this family is a great learning experience for both relatives. Each person brings what the other is missing, so theirs is a highly complimentary family.

And these are the only two she has posted! I thought that was cool that she had a leo with each of our signs!

Well, what do you think??? Fate or Coincidence??

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ahhhh..... Vacation

So, Derik and I are both on vacation and I am loving it. This is one of my favorite times of the year! I get to eat A LOT then shop till I drop the next day! What could be better than that?!?!?! I can't wait to see all of the crazy people at Wal-Mart fighting over things that they could have bought $10 cheaper the previous day! No, J/K, there are some really good deals out there.

I thought of some more stories...

So, like I was saying last night, everyone brings up pregnancy or children more when you are ttc. Or so it seems. So this whole time we have been ttc both of our moms have been talking non-stop about babies! I know, I know, it has been a long time since there has been a baby in the family, but come on! LOL! During the craft fair at New Hope, Mom was going on and on about babies and kids. It probably didn't help that I was totally into the conversation! I think she sensed that! But I think that is all we talked about the whole time we were there!
Then when we went up to Stayton for Stephanie's baby shower, let me tell you! There was a lot of asking when we were going to have kids! Then Mom (Kelly) and I went to the store and she was telling me that when we get pg they are buying the crib. Well, me and my big fat mouth decided to go on by saying that I knew what one I wanted! LOL! If that didn't give it away, I don't know what would!
The following day on the way back I got this brilliant idea. I have always wanted Samantha and I to get pg together, so I said to her and David, "If one of us 'accidentally' gets pg before we plan on it the other has to promise to try as well." They agreed!!! I was so excited! Of course, I will let them know when we do get pg that it was planned and that they don't "have to" try, but that it would be awesome!

Well, Derik and I are going to pop in a movie. TTYL!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Stormy Night

I am starting this blog in hopes that I will be sharing it with family and friends soon to share that we are pregnant.

Derik and I started Trying to Conceive (TTC) last month (October). We are both very excited to start our family!

I will be posting pictures to keep everyone updated. Here's one to get us started: (The background of this first collage is a picture of our first sunrise at our house. It was beautiful!)

Right now we are looking forward to becoming an Aunt and Uncle. We can't wait!

A few stories I want to share...

On our journey to ttc we both agreed we didn't want to tell anyone. So you can imagine what conversations and situations we encountered. Here are just a few to refresh some of your memories.

In October (our first month ttc) I was sitting at work and Rachel came by to visit me. When I am off of birth control (bc) I can feel myself ovulate, so I was in some pain that day. Rachel came in my office and I held my stomach and said, "ouch". She asked what was wrong and I almost started to explain the whole ovulation thing when I realized I had to think quick. I couldn't think of anything specific, so I just said my stomach hurt... LOL! Close Call!

A few days later Samantha and I went to coffee together. Everyone knows I love my coffee, jettea, or redbull. Well, I got a jettea but realized a few gulps into it that I didn't know if it was okay to have it! I set it down and didn't drink anymore of it. It was so funny because I didn't know if she had noticed that I just all of a sudden stopped drinking it. Come to find out, it is fine to drink a jettea when preggo... So from then on I would get a jettea or a hot chocolate! Mmmmm!!

It just so happens that when you are ttc EVERYONE asks you when you are going to have kids or they bring up babies. I guess it could just be because I am paying more attention, but I think people can sense it. And to continue with this theory, one day I went to my Aunt Penny's shop to have a little pampering session as well as some girl talk. Well, to my surprise, right when we were getting started (I was getting my hair cut) she asked me if we were ttc or pregnant! It was soooooo crazy! I couldn't believe it! I was so shocked! I tried not to show how surprised I was and just shrug it off by saying we have talked about it but don't know when yet. I got home and told Derik what she had said. He said I should have told her since she was right on the money! Oh well, you will find out soon enough Aunt Penny! But I have to say, you were SO right! We've always said our family is psycho, I mean psychic! LOL!

Well, I am going to try to remember more stories and I will continue to post them as they happen. I can't wait to get a BFP (Big Fat Positive, pregnancy test) so we will be able to tell all of you! As for now, I am just talking to myself! LOL! Love You All!