Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cleaning... With Toddlers!

Cleaning house yesterday turned into something fun and full of laughter.

While cleaning the kitchen I went to take the trash out and found a baby doll in there. I giggled, took it out, cleaned it up and went on with my cleaning. Next I was putting dishes away and found several linkin logs in the cupboard. Once again, I laughed and went to put them in the toy box.

After that I moved on to the bathroom. I sprinkled some cleaner in the toilet and then went to clean the outside of it while it soaked. When cleaning the top I was finding little blue, green, yellow, red, and brown dots. That would be the little crumbs from M&Ms. Can you tell we are potty training?

Last, I went to vacuum the living room. The kids were sitting down eating their snacks. They love the vacuum cleaner, so needless to say as I started the vacuum they jumped up and started running around. Once one half of the living room was done they were running around with their little bags of gold fish, spilling them all over the just vacuumed floor. This not only happened once but a few times before they were finally in their high chairs and I could finish vacuuming. I was so frustrated, but all I could do was laugh. They were having so much fun!

Poor gold fish, so many lives lost...