Monday, March 7, 2011

Creating a Peacful Home: Our Routine

My routine makes me feel satisfied and organized. Daddy's feel that their home is peaceful. And children thrive on it. We need a good stucture so we can maintain our lives and relationships.

This is not about perfectionism.

But, this can be one of the hardest things for a family to figure out. So, I am here to give you some tips and show you my own personal routine.

I keep some leeway in my plan to stay flexible, and adjust for spontaneous outings, unexpected guests, etc, while still maintaining the basics.

Some projects are done daily, as maintenance, while others are done just once during the week, to save me time later.

Morning/Evening Routine

I use a morning/evening routine. This kind of structuring provides simplicity and flexibility. Your morning tasks can be completed sometime between 8:00 and noon and your afternoon/evening tasks before you go to bed.
Here is what an average day looks like at our home:

Our Daily Morning Routine

I complete these before Ashton wakes up and before the daycare kids show up. I don't have laundry to do every day, so some days that step does not apply.

  • Make Beds

  • Put load of laundry in washer

  • Unload dishwasher (this makes it to where you can put dishes in the dishwasher throughout the day)

  • Switch laundry to dryer

  • Fold and put away laundry

  • I do have variations from day to day. Each day of the week I focus on a specific area of our home.

    Stove top meal prep for the week

    Deep clean bathrooms

    Deep clean kitchen
    Wipe down bathroom and change hand towels
    Coupon clipping and start weekly meal plan

    Baking Day

    Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.

    Quick "wipe down" of the bathroom and put out fresh hand towels
    Finish weekly meal plan
    Clean out fridge: throw away old food, wipe down shelves
    Go shopping either today or Sunday

    File receipts (for personal and business)
    Catch up day for anything that was not finished Saturday

    Afternoon/Evening Routine

  • Finish cleaning up from dinner and loading dishes in dishwasher while Daddy plays with Ashton (make sure to grab dishes from any other rooms in the house)

  • Run dishwasher

  • Wipe down counters

  • Tidy up living room (have children put all toys away and put all dirty clothes in laundry basket)

  • Read children Bible story before bed

  • One on One time with Derik

  • I hope all of this is as helpful for you as it has been for me.