Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Stormy Night

I am starting this blog in hopes that I will be sharing it with family and friends soon to share that we are pregnant.

Derik and I started Trying to Conceive (TTC) last month (October). We are both very excited to start our family!

I will be posting pictures to keep everyone updated. Here's one to get us started: (The background of this first collage is a picture of our first sunrise at our house. It was beautiful!)

Right now we are looking forward to becoming an Aunt and Uncle. We can't wait!

A few stories I want to share...

On our journey to ttc we both agreed we didn't want to tell anyone. So you can imagine what conversations and situations we encountered. Here are just a few to refresh some of your memories.

In October (our first month ttc) I was sitting at work and Rachel came by to visit me. When I am off of birth control (bc) I can feel myself ovulate, so I was in some pain that day. Rachel came in my office and I held my stomach and said, "ouch". She asked what was wrong and I almost started to explain the whole ovulation thing when I realized I had to think quick. I couldn't think of anything specific, so I just said my stomach hurt... LOL! Close Call!

A few days later Samantha and I went to coffee together. Everyone knows I love my coffee, jettea, or redbull. Well, I got a jettea but realized a few gulps into it that I didn't know if it was okay to have it! I set it down and didn't drink anymore of it. It was so funny because I didn't know if she had noticed that I just all of a sudden stopped drinking it. Come to find out, it is fine to drink a jettea when preggo... So from then on I would get a jettea or a hot chocolate! Mmmmm!!

It just so happens that when you are ttc EVERYONE asks you when you are going to have kids or they bring up babies. I guess it could just be because I am paying more attention, but I think people can sense it. And to continue with this theory, one day I went to my Aunt Penny's shop to have a little pampering session as well as some girl talk. Well, to my surprise, right when we were getting started (I was getting my hair cut) she asked me if we were ttc or pregnant! It was soooooo crazy! I couldn't believe it! I was so shocked! I tried not to show how surprised I was and just shrug it off by saying we have talked about it but don't know when yet. I got home and told Derik what she had said. He said I should have told her since she was right on the money! Oh well, you will find out soon enough Aunt Penny! But I have to say, you were SO right! We've always said our family is psycho, I mean psychic! LOL!

Well, I am going to try to remember more stories and I will continue to post them as they happen. I can't wait to get a BFP (Big Fat Positive, pregnancy test) so we will be able to tell all of you! As for now, I am just talking to myself! LOL! Love You All!